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Do you sometimes get the feeling that you home may be boring looking? Do family and friends often miss your home and drive by? If you answered yes to either of these two questions, you may need a little bit of home renovation.

Nothing can change the appearance of the overall look of your home more than adding shutters to your windows, well besides a new coat of paint but this is much easier.

Window shutters can add a special touch to your home’s exterior. Many houses use shutters more as accent pieces or adornments than as functional window covers. Shutters may cover the home’s largest windows, the windows on the front side of the house, the windows on the sides as well as the front, or every window in the home.

Shutters typically coordinate with a home’s design to bring out your unique style with its appearance. For example, you can get shutters that are rectangular-shaped, or other forms. Here are some things the experts at MyHomeUS suggest you consider when selecting shutters for your home:

  1. Does your home’s exterior paint or paneling come with matching shutters? If so, consider using these to match the existing design, even if you had the siding done first and now want to add shutters. If not, check motor blinds cost with a home improvement company for suggestions about the type of shutters that will work with your current siding.
  2. Choose a coordinating design and color. If your home’s siding or finish does not come with matching shutters, check out several other options before choosing one for your home. Popular styles are made of aluminum and vinyl, or any other materials that are weather-resistant.
  3. Compare styles to find one that suits your home’s design and structure. Some shutters come with two matching panels, while others have four. Some incorporate louvers, but keep in mind these can collect dust and may be difficult to clean. Even when operational shutters are not needed, some people choose to install them for the visual effect they give their homes.
  4. Try to find out all the information you can about the product’s quality before making a purchase. Ask an expert about each product’s durability and lifetime expectancy. You might also want to know about any particular conditions that afflict certain products. Wood shutters, for instance, may tend to get dry rot, termites, or other wood-associated conditions, and aluminum shutters may be prone to rusting.

Take your time in asking questions like these to find out what you need to know before buying shutters for your home. The key to a successful and well executed project is a great design. It is up to you to make the initial decision about the way you want your home to look and feel.

by Bill Healey

Making your personal preferences work within your budget is our team’s expertise. MyHomeUS is a full service design, remodeling, and construction firm specializing in local home improvement for New York City, New Jersey and Westchester. We can help you with every phase of your remodeling project by offering the best in home improvement solutions. Start right now by scheduling a free consultation with one of our consultants. For more information, visit

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