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Window Coverings: Patterns and Textures

Energize your home with color, patterns and textures!

No one wants a boring room and, by adding color, patterns and textures to your window coverings, you can be sure that your rooms will not be boring. Interest and focal points can easily be added using different patterns and textures and you can make each room feel welcoming and homey. These are also affordable means of adding to your interior home decorating.


Follow you personal tastes and the style of the room to guide you as you select the right curtains or blinds. Add character to a room by adding color, patterns and texture. You can choose to add drama to a room or just add a touch of interest. Are you doing up a children’s room that you want to look happy and playful or do you want a more quiet room with serene colors and tranquil pattern suitable for a good night sleep?


You will find that patterns in your room will not only influence your mood, but also change the perception of the room proportions. If you have a small room, do not choose dark colors or complex, busy patterns. However, if you have a large room, a complex pattern comprised of several colors in diagonal or criss-crossing lines may be perfect.


window coveringsPatterns with vertical lines can add height or length to a room. If you select a window covering with vertical lines, the ceiling will appear to be higher. If you select a rug with long stripes, you'll find that the room appears to be longer. Horizontal lines, on the other hand, add width to an area.


Adding patterns to your window coverings that have lots of contrast can add energy to a room. Choose colors for the patterns that are similar and match with the paint, wallpaper, carpet and furnishings. Matching colour create a peaceful, calming environment.


On the picture above you’ll notice that the material with the pattern of the curtains is repeated in the borders on the tablecloths and pillows on the bed. The bedspread and the tablecloths are made in plain colors matching the curtains.

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