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Making Plaited Tie-backs



Add style and elegance to your room with plaited tie-backs.


Plaited tie-backs have to two advantages:


  1. They let in extra light through windows and doors during the day
  2. They look exquisite.

Plaited tie-backs in particular give a rich finishing touch to your curtains and your room as a whole.

 Making plaited tie-backs

There are different ways you can choose to make plaited tie-backs:


  • the same fabric as the curtains
  • a contrasting color to your curtains
  • a color matching the pattern in the curtain
  • three different colors


Measuring tie-backs


Determine the length of the tie-backs by using a tape-measure to tie back the curtains to the required length. The reading on the tape-measure will give you the finished length. Allow some extra fabric as you lose a little from length when plaiting.



Fabric requirements


  • When using three different colors about 20-25 cm from each to make 2 tubes in each color
  • When using a plain color - enough for 6 tubes (about 75 cm)
  • Lining - enough for 6 tubes (about 75 cm)
  • Four plastic or metal rings
  • Wadding or filling optional.

Sewing the plaited tie-backsPlaited tie-backs


  • Cut 6 strips (of about 10 cm each) of the fabric and the lining. (And wadding if extra thickness is required).  Smart window treatment ideas to suit your home decor, lifestyle and climate
  • Tack the lining onto the wrong side of each strip of fabric.
  • With right sides together, fold each strip in half lengthwise and stitch along the long edge, then turn by pulling one end through.
  • Position the seam in the centre on the inside of each tube, fold both ends over and stitch to secure.
  • Put the 3 tubes on top of one another and slipstitch the ends together and plait. Again put the ends of the 3 tubes on top of one another and slipstitch together again to complete.
  • Sew the rings onto each end of the tieback.  

Enjoy making plaited tie-backs and finished the eye-catching window treatment feature they make.


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