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How To Make No Sew Window Treatments

Not everyone wants to crack out the sewing machine to make some simple window treatments. With the right products you can have a professional looking window treatment without any sewing.

Before we jump right in, let me say that the no-sew method isn't for everyone... and it's not for every window treatment. A no sew method will use a web adhesive or fabric glue which is permanent. So, there is no room for error.

With this in mind, use these instructions for simple unlined kitchen curtains and valances. Or maybe a whimsical window treatment for a child's room. Do not use a no sew method for expensive lined drapes... silk anything... and any material that you simply can't afford to mess up.

Here are the steps to making an unlined no sew curtain or valance.


Decorative curtain rod Clip on curtain rings Web adhesive (1" wide tape) Fabric Iron, ironing board Sharp fabric scissors Straight edge or yard stick

*Fusible web is a fusible interfacing that allows you to bind two fabrics together or fabric to another surface by applying heat. The 1" fusible tape is perfect for hems. You can find this at


1. Calculate how much fabric you'll need. (fill in the blanks)

--> FW = Finished width of your window treatment = ______ --> FL = Finished length of your window treatment = ______ --> Fullness = 3 (this is optional. If you plan on making a more flat window treatment, then make this number = 1) --> Fabric width = ______ (48", 54", 60"...) --> Total cut fabric width = (FW * Fullness) + 4" --> Total cut fabric length = FL + 6" + 6"

Divide Total Cut Fabric Width by the Fabric Width Example: I need a total of 88". I'll divide 88" by the fabric width which is 54". 88" / 54" = 1.63"

Round this number up. In the example, 1.63 rounded up is 2.

Multiply this number by the cut fabric length. Example: My cut fabric length is 24". So 2 x 24 = 48"

Now divide this number by 36". This is the # of yards of fabric you will need. In the example, 48 / 36 = 1.3 yards.

I will round up and get 2 yards of fabric.

2. Cut your fabric to the cut fabric width and cut fabric length dimensions. (Make sure you square your fabric)

Since this is a no sew treatment, you are not going to be able to piece multiple widths of fabric together. So, I recommend that you make multiple panels if necessary.

So... say you are making a gathered valance where the finished width will be 36". The fullness is 3 times the width. Following the instructions above, I need (36 x 3) + 4" or 112" of fabric for my cut width. Well my fabric is only 54" wide. So, instead I'm going to make 2 valances and slide them onto the same curtain rod next to each other. No one will know but you.

3. Fold the side edges in 1" and press. Fold them in another inch and press. Lay the 1" fusible tape under the folded edges and press to fuse in place.

4. Fold the bottom edge up 3" and press. Fold it up another 3" and press. Then press in place with a strip of fusible web.

5. Repeat step 4 for the top edge.

You now have a rod pocket at the top that you can slide over a standard curtain rod. Or you can clip your clip on rings across the top edge and hang on a decorative rod.

No sew window treatments can be a lot of fun to make... and fast too. You can also think about adhering some fringe to the inner edges with fabric glue. Or paint on a complementary decoration for a child's room.

Imagine, create and have fun. Happy sewing! (or no sewing!)

Jennifer Thoden

Jennifer Thoden has helped thousands of people just like you to successfully sew roman shades and pleated drapes. You can find her step-by-step illustrated instructions at and

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