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Bedroom Design Tips For A Romantic Getaway   


Everyone loves to get away to a fancy hotel or luxurious resort. And unless you are very wealthy, most of us can’t afford these getaways too often. But with some simple bedroom design tips, your bedroom can be a romantic getaway every day. 


Bedroom Design Tips: Colors 


bedroom design tipsPicture your ideal bedroom retreat. What color is it? A fresh coat of paint is sometimes the only interior design your bedroom needs to make a complete change. Calming blues and greens, combined with neutral accents can make your bedroom look more like a spa than the upstairs of your house.


Choose linens that accent the color you have chosen, and continue the relaxing and romantic feel of the room. It’s tempting to buy the cheapest sheets and pillows available, but buying high quality linens will go a long way to creating the room you really want. Beautiful pillows and accents also help.  


Another bedroom interior design trick is to recreate the colors and mood of a special vacation or location. Perhaps the crisp colors of the resort where you spent your honey-moon, or the deep browns from a cabin in the woods, the color of your room can transport you to a different place without ever leaving your house. 


Match your window coverings with your interior design. Curtains give a romantic feel about the room, while shutters or timber blinds may remind you of a beach resort. 


Containing The Clutter 


It’s hard to feel restful and romantic in a bedroom that is full of clutter. And thankfully, for those of us that are not very organized, interior designers have designed bedroom storage and furniture to help contain the clutter while still maintaining the mood of the room. This can be as simple as buying several pretty laundry hampers with lids to contain dirty clothes (and get them off of the floor).


And if you have enough space a wooden chest for the end of the bed is a great way to store extra blankets, quilts and pillows. If you have the space in your bedroom for a chair or sitting area, keep it tidy with a basket for your books and magazines, and store the rest of your collection in a bookcase in another room. Don’t use the chair as an additional clothes storage area – put your clothes in the hampers or away in your closets. And definitely keep the kids’ toys somewhere else! 


Accents For Your Bedroom 


Your bedroom interior design can be easily completed with a few accents. A couple of pretty lamps will give you the right amount of light, and can be found in nearly any style to match the rest of your furniture. Hang a few paintings or pictures that remind you of your favorite places or the getaway that you are trying to recreate. A simple frame with black and white pictures of your most recent vacation can be a cheap and beautiful way to decorate your bedroom.  


A Few More Bedroom Design Tips 


bedroom design tipsLook at brochures and Interior Design Magazines – Cut out the pictures you like and make a little swipe file.


Set aside a budget and decide how you can get the desired results for the minimum amount of money.


Go window shopping first (can be done on the internet as well) and find out which colors are in fashion that season. Decide if the bedroom fashion that season fits in with the choice of colors for your bedroom.


If yes, you may want to wait till the end of the season when the sales are on.  


Good luck with the bedroom design tips for your 'romantic getaway'.

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